When we originally asked for stories about Tim, we had no idea what we were going to receive. Then they came in multitude, in all forms imaginable from photographs to poems, from songs to anecdotes. They have been funny, heartwarming and educational. We have found so much joy in this form of celebration that we invite you to continue this sharing here.

Posted by 14 west NYUMC on Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:07 pm

Our lives are forever changed because of your courage and gentle spirit. You will be forever in our hearts. We would like to thank Tim's family and friends for keeping us updated.

Love always,
Your friends at 14 west NYUMC

Posted by Guest on Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:03 pm

Happy birthday baby! I miss you.

Posted by Rossco on Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:20 pm

~ A nice and casual brunch was had back at the Morelli house where the twins and Maryn entertained us bystanders. Maryn gave us all gifts, plastic farm animals, pez dispensers, and rope rings. George returned the favor to Maryn and gifted her a freshly wrapped and freshly used diaper. We all got a good chuckle at her reaction.

~ The 2nd annual Birthday golf match included a foursome worthy of a Sportcenter Highlight reel (the blooper type). George, Bert, Myself, and Jerry Sr...aka the big guy, aka grumpy, aka grampy. We played none other than DW Field Golf Course, a Timmy favorite. We decided the format would be 2vs2 match play for 6 holes, then the teams would switch. (Sorry if I am boring you with the golf talk and recap, but it was a real fun time)
Match 1 - The Big Guy and George took Bert and I down...we did manage to take them into 1 extra hole
Match 2 - The Big Guy and Bert took George and I down...again it took extra holes. This one finished on the hardest hole on the course as Grumpy drained a curling putt from the fringe for the win. I think he followed it with a leg kick celebration.
Match 3 - Finally I get the Big Guy, now aka Tiger on my team and who would have guessed...we came out on top and he remains undefeated!!
On A side note, George shoots his career low and did it with ease. Don't worry George, I won't tell anyone how much lower it could have been!!

~ A birthday toast to Timmy was had, a small glass of Jamison on the rocks, and yes Minnie did join in.

~ The perfect day weather wise was accompanied by a sun shower with just a few rain drops

~I hope you all had a fun August 28th!! Happy Birthday Pal!!

Posted by jorge on Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:23 pm

Just a few hours to go on Tim's 29 Bday, 27 earthly yrs and just about 2 angelic, a tribute to Ted Kennedy plays in the background, Orrin Hatch just quoted a line from St Paul, a reading we used at Tim's funeral, " ...I fought the good fight, finished my course, kept the faith..." and felt compelled to share a few thoughts.

Just about everyday I pray that Tim hears the prayers of friends and family and is given the grace to answer them in his own way...and it's comforting to know this prayer is answered as I hear about those little coincidences that occur, that aren't really coincidences.

I know my prayer is answered when I spend time with Ross and Bert on Tim's birthday, because there is a piece of Tim in them

I know my prayer is answered when pictures and stories about pictures are shared because they hold a piece of Tim in them

I know my prayer is answered every day when I look at our twins, we refer to them as our angels, but in truth they were delivered by a very young angel, and there is a piece of Tim present in Nicholas and Jordan, as if they weren't precious enough... and I know Tim's sense of humor was to deliver twins because he knew I needed to work on my patience

As difficult as it is to not have Tim present with us in person, it is comforting to know he still hears us and talks to us in his own way, everyday...Happy Birthday Brother

Posted by John and Mary on Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:40 pm

To our friend Timmy,

Always thinking of you!

Can't wait to see the show! We've been looking forward to this!

-John and Mary

Posted by Mary Mary on Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:10 am

sending my love to everyone. can't wait for the show. x x x x x x

Posted by mom on Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:56 am

Happy to be able to say on his birthday, that Tim's photo show is ready for launching, 10/10/09, details will be available soon. A great gift for all of us!!!!!

Posted by Liz Halbert on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:31 pm

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Timmy. I just got a facebook alert that tomorrow is his birthday and tears sprung into my eyes. I hope you all have a really nice day tomorrow remembering and celebrating Tim.

Posted by Bert on Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:44 am

Say what you need to say.

It’s weird how songs can inspire and influence your emotions.

As time passes it’s so crazy to think about what’s happened in the past. I’ve spent a lot of time looking through pictures of Timmy, and tons of emotions pile on: laughter, hysterical laughter, happy tears, and sad tears. But in the end, whenever I reflect upon all the time that I spent with Timmy only smiles come to my face. At first, the tears and depression set in, but when you think of the type of person that Timmy was it is hard to be sad. As hard as I try to get upset with how life can be so cruel, I just can’t get that upset because I know Timmy wouldn’t. That’s how he was. Nothing would dampen his spirits. And I feel like that is the best thing that I have inherited from Timmy. No matter how bad life may seem, I realize that it is not that bad. I’m so thankful for every second that I have in this world. I now cherish all the time that I get to spend with family, friends, and strangers. I appreciate all that life has to offer, and I thank Timmy for this. I don’t think I would have realized all the simplicities that life has to offer if it wasn’t for Timmy. And for that I am truly thankful. I hope heaven is treating you well and you are getting the opportunity to experience everything that you want…..because you can’t always get what you want!! Love you bro!

Posted by mnmorelli on Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:35 pm

As I check this "sky" very often and have had many ideas of things to add, thought how "funny" it was when I sat down determined to contribute this week .......Celia had just added the fun Tim story. So often I just switch off cause all I plan to say seems to be bittersweet rather than happiness as "Blue skies " should be. But I feel if I don't contribute I can't expect others will. Soon I hope to transfer some of the thoughtful emails sent directly to us.
Would like to note, belatedly, how all the great stories and feelings you've sent are the glimpses of Tim we all treasure and seemed to have built a composite we all know: the hugs, the caring and calming, the feeling of home and comfort, the playful and the silly, the artist and the depth - yet it is in realizing and appreciating this and the joy it brings the reality of why this is here becomes the wall I can't believe and won't willingly touch, then I walk away again forgetting I wanted to add some "positivity". What was so startling in the first new words in awhile is they are the words turning in my mind since a clear day in April and "feeling" spring and trying to compose the right words --- since I'll never get it "right"/perfect just going on with it. Quite suddenly on a perfect spring day I realized I felt that nice SPRING feeling I had always experienced and treasured; just as suddenly I realized why I hadn't felt that for so long, sure I had noticed the sunshine, flowers, trees --- but now that this "feeling" surfaced so did many other feelings not allowed and now opened because spring snuck up and burst upon me. Sending these thoughts to clear a path for the blue sky glimpses that will surface now. Wishing I had the talent to express in poetry. To include something very positive: we were thrilled when informed that Mt. St. Vincent's School of Nursing has decided to name an annual award in Tim's honor. Also the photo show is still in the works and will let you know a date when confirmed.